(905) 655-7000
372 Taunton Rd E, Unit L-06,Whitby, Ontario,L1R 0H4
(905) 655-7000
372 Taunton Rd E, Unit L-06,Whitby, Ontario,L1R 0H4
Durham's first themed dental office for children Request An Appointment
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Compassionate, Gentle, and Knowledgeable

Atlantis Children’s Dentistry is the first themed dental office of its kind. In the Durham area, this dental clinic is designed with children in mind.
We strive to make your child’s dental experience amazing!

Welcome to our children’s dental office located in Whitby

Currently accepting new patients

We treat patients from ages 1 year old to 21 years old!

Meet Dr. Arif Mamdani

Your Pediatric Dental Specialist

We are Pediatric Dental Specialists who strive to make an incredible visit for your child. After four years of completing the dental school curriculum, pediatric dentists have an additional two to three years of training to become specialists. Specialty education includes child psychology, behavior management, sedation, and treatment of children who are medically complex and/or developmentally delayed.

Sedation Options For Children

Atlantis Children’s Dentistry provide Sedation options for children if necessary.
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