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Top 5 Common Pediatric Dental Problems

Oral health is crucial for children; from infants to teenagers. However, it can be a challenge for parents to know what is actually going on inside the mouths of their kids. Every parent wants the best for his/her children, and part of this is ensuring that they have perfect dental health. Children will face several dental issues as they grow up. Some of these pediatric dental problems are as follows.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay ranks as the number one chronic dental problem in children. Tooth decay can start even in infancy when the child is allowed to consistently sleep with a bottle of formula, juice, or milk. This will keep the baby teeth in constant contact with sugar derived from the drinks, and bacteria will consume this sugar causing tooth decay. As the child grows older, it is best to limit the amount of sugary foods he/she consumes, and encourage good oral hygiene to prevent cavities.

Gum disease

Taking care of the gums of children is important. This is because gums are crucial in keeping the teeth in position. Gingivitis is a common gum disease that results in inflamed gums and mainly starts with plaque and tartar buildup. Teaching children how to brush their gums and teeth properly will guarantee good dental health, and prevent gum disease.

Sensitive teeth

Teeth sensitivity may seem like a problem that only adults deal with. However, children tend to have thinner enamels compared to that of adults. When this enamel wears off, the gums will recede, or cracks will form on the teeth exposing the nerve endings. This can result in pain when drinking or eating any cold or hot food and drinks.

Premature tooth loss

Early tooth loss is not always a major problem. However, it can become a big issue when it is neglected. If a child loses any molar teeth early, the remaining teeth may move in to fill up this space. Parents need to monitor this because spacing can be affected when the adult teeth start developing. It is best to consider regular dental care at such a time so that proper dental procedures are carried out to prevent any major problems.

Grinding/ bruxism

Bruxism is an involuntary habit that is common in early childhood developmental stages. Most kids will stop this habit over time. However, grinding can result in wear and damage of baby and adult teeth. This can result in dental and muscular pain. If your child grinds their teeth, you can consult your pediatric dentist to determine whether they need a nightguard or not.

Pediatric dental problems are a common occurrence in children of all ages. However, prevention is always better than treatment. Diligent bushing, habitual flossing, and regular dental checkups will help to keep most of these problems at bay. Make sure that you contact the best pediatric dentist and schedule an appointment to guarantee a healthy and beautiful smile for your child.

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